Laser Repair & Maintenance

MobilEyes provides onsite laser repair and maintenance to hospitals, clinics and physician offices across the United States, Canada and Mexico. MobilEyes is a trusted alternative to the costly service contracts and post-warranty repairs offered by laser manufacturers. If you have a laser, chances are MobilEyes can repair or maintain it for less than you are currently spending without sacrificing safety or service. Contact us today and you'll agree, the MobilEyes advantage is plain to S-E-E.


At MobilEyes we recognize that nothing is more important than safety. A properly maintained laser protects both your patients and your personnel. A good safety record doesn't just happen. It requires continuous safety training, a focus on safety practices and of course a strong service competency in supporting a wide range of manufacturers and equipment types. Whether it's preventative maintenance or general repairs, you can be confident that MobilEyes provides the highest level of competency in caring for your medical equipment and protecting the well-being of your patients and staff. As an added assurance, MobilEyes maintains liability insurance to protect against damage to persons or property. (Nevertheless, we are glad to report that in our years of service, we have never had to file an insurance claim.). Safety is our number one priority at MobilEyes.


Skill and knowledge on how to properly service a laser system is vital. An improperly serviced laser can significantly affect the outcome of medical procedures. Lasers differ from other medical equipment in that that they require specific knowledge in physics and optics for proper maintenance and repair. At MobilEyes, we are experienced in working on laser systems from all the leading manufacturers including Coherent, Lasersight, Nidek, Summit, Sunrise and VISX. Russell Miller, the owner and founder of MobilEyes, is not your average laser technician. In facts, Russell is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, one of the leading engineering universities in the nation. Russell is trained and certified by the major laser manufactures and his service work meets and exceeds their strict standards. Russell's partnership approach with the laser manufactures enables MobilEyes to stay informed of the latest technical developments and issues. Combine this with Russell's problem solving acumen, attention to detail and the experience of hundreds of field service calls, you're left with the assurance that all the laser systems serviced by MobilEyes' attain the highest level of medical precision.


Financial pressures are changing the medical industry. Increased operating costs combined with decreased insurance reimbursements have forced many medical providers to examine the financial health of their own practices. Medical providers are looking for ways to reduce costs and maintain profit margins while at the same time providing the same level of medical service to their patients. At MobilEyes, we are cognizant of the financial issues the profession is facing. So we've designed our repair and maintenance services with this in mind. We understand that every client is different. So each of our service agreements is unique. Instead of a one-size-fits-all contract, we start out by learning about your clinic and designing an agreement that works for your practice, your situation. Unlike the large manufacturers our overhead is low and this translates into savings. Furthermore it also translates into flexibility. We understand that downtime has both financial and economic costs, so we'll work with your schedule. If this means working in the evenings or on the weekends, we'll get the job done and save money in doing so.