Laser Rental

The MobilEyes laser rental service brings a state-of-the-art laser into your practice. This enables you to provide your patients with the advanced laser procedures that are currently lost to your competitors. With this service, there is no need to tie up capital in a partially utilized laser system or to use precious staff time for training and classes. If your business can support new equipment, why not try it before you buy it with our rental service. Considering sharing a laser between facilities? MobilEyes can safely transport it for you. The bottom line is we will boost your bottom line and raise the reputation of your practice at the same time.

The MobilEyes laser rental service enables clinics to derive revenue from lucrative laser corrective eye services without the expense of purchasing a laser or the training needed to run it. Here's how it works. You identify the segment of your patient base that is in need of laser vision correction. Now instead of referring them to an outside clinic, you offer them the service within your office. MobilEyes brings together all the essential elements so you can offer laser vision correction at your hospital or clinic. MobilEyes bring an advanced laser system to your office via our high-tech transport vehicle (which includes an air ride system with a climate controlled interior to protect the laser's sensitive optics). We also help you contract with an eye surgeon who will come to your practice.

Best of all, this is recurring revenue. Once you see how seamless the system works, you'll be scheduling onsite surgeries a few times a year or maybe even a few times a month. The rental service is also a great way to transition into owning a laser of your own. Developing your patient base with the MobilEyes rental service allows you to test the waters before committing to a laser system of your own.