Laser Consulting

Equipment Purchasing Assistance

Purchasing a laser system is no simple task. The complexity of medical laser technology introduces significant challenges for doctors and managers making decisions on the appropriate solution for their clinic or hospital. The situation is compounded by continuously evolving laser technology and the varying messages delivered from the large number of medical equipment vendors.

MobilEyes has literally worked on hundred of laser systems by all the major manufacturers. We understand the subtle differences between these systems. We know what has worked and what hasn't worked for different applications. We know which systems have a tendency to fail and we know those that rarely need repair. We know how the manufacturers treat their customers. We know which manufactures are responsive to problems and we know which manufacturers fall short when problems arise.

So before you commit to making one of the largest purchases, contact MobilEyes to discuss how we can help guide you through the process from needs analysis, purchasing and installation to training, maintenance and marketing.

Equipment Evaluations

If you already own a laser system, it is likely to be covered under a warranty or service contract. Unfortunately, many laser owners are just too busy to read the details of these contracts and consequently don't take full advantage of them. Laser owners may miss out on system improvements, upgrades and replacement parts. Regrettably, when the contracts expires so does the opportunity for discounted service and repairs. Before your warranty expires, have MobilEyes evaluate your system and replace any parts that you may need.

If you are nearing the end of your warranty or service contract, contact MobilEyes for a top to bottom evaluation of your laser system. We can catch potential problems before it's too late. Don't rely on the manufacturer. Protect yourself and your investment.